Skin Prevention is the App for iPhone and iPod Touch that allows to make the Photo Body Map and give usefull information to your doctor about your skin.

Skin Prevention allows to take the photographic story of your body. Use it for every member of your family, so if any problems do crop up, you’ll have early detection on your side.

Skin Prevention will help you to analize any or parts of your body and let you know if there is something new

Take care of your skin can save your life !

ATTENTION: Skin Prevention is NOT a device for the treatment of skin cancer and it does NOT substitute medical visits, but it is a valid instrument to monitor and to aid the prevention of skin cancer. Always consult your doctor if you have any concerns about the condition and the health of your skin. Remember also to visit a skin cancer screening clinic at least once a year.



Handles multiple users, a lot of detailed fields will help you: person and family or doctor to categorize the patients


Connection to the internet is not required

Offers WiFi or Internet access to enable you to download or telediagnose all your photographs and datas

sends by email your photographs and datas

Available in: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

Stored photographs can be compared or overlaid

Manages vital statistics of the photographed area giving details of the user, photographs of the whole area or part of it, relevant dates, level of attention, deadlines, notes, etc

Fully compatible with Handyscope by FotoFinder and  DermScope by Canfield

Stores and locates the photographed areas of the human body by analyzing photographs or by using a list of areas, organized in order of importance

Password protected


The Personal

Photo Body Map

Download it from iTunes

Takes from camera or import existing photographs

Presented during the I° International Workshop of Dermatoscopy - october 2010 - Rome

Promoted by the Italian Association of surgery Dermatologists (AIDA) -

In collaboration with

What is

The App helps to take control of the evolution of :

  1. spots of skin

  2. moles

  3. scars

  4. ulcers

  5. micosi

  6. dermatits

  7. new skin formation

  8. etc. 

Take in attention the evolution of your skin can help for early detection of dysplastic nevi, melanoma, basal cell carcinoma (BCC), squamous cell carcinoma (SCC)

Presented during the XIX° Italian Meeting of AIDA - september 2010 - Turin

Shows where you can find documentation about pathologies and skin cancer

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November 2009, Michele had a brush with skin cancer when his wife Paola was diagnosed with melanoma.

Thankfully, the disease was caught early enough to treat but Michele was well aware that it might have had a very different outcome had the melanoma not been found in the beginning stages.

Based on that scary experience, Michele determined to create something simple, personal and portable, that would help people proactively monitor their own skin health. The result was the Skin Prevention app.



Promoted by the International Dermoscopy Society  (IDS)

Dermatologists from all the world can be active and geolocated into the new version 2.

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